Sports Injuries



Whatever your sport, the physios at Manly Gymnastics Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic are here to keep you in the action. Whether you are an Olympian or a weekend warrior, our therapists have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best quality care. Our therapists:

  • Have worked extensively with elite athletes from many different sports including AFL, soccer, swimming, cricket, water polo, rugby, snow sports and martial arts.
  • Use the most up-to date scientific evidence to inform their treatment.
  • Know the demands of sport, how important it is to keep your body in peak condition and what it takes to achieve this.

At Manly Gymnastics Physiotherapy we put our patients first. To achieve the best results we:

  • Work with you to achieve the goals you set.
  • Develop individualised management plans specific to your injury and sport.
  • Encourage active management to allow you to take control of your own injury.
  • Spend time explaining your diagnosis and treatment to help you understand what is going on.
  • Will work with sports doctors, surgeons, personal trainers and other health care professionals.
  • Use manual therapy (massage, manipulation, dry needling etc) as well as provide you with a specific rehabilitation exercise program.

Keeping your body in peak condition is important to us and our aim is to get you safely back on to the track, field, court or into the water as soon as possible.